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“New standards for software (and ebook) security”

Hi Shawn,

The Virtual Vault is just the tool I have been looking for to protect my hard work. I know people have stolen my software in the past and until now there was little I could do to prevent it. I tried other security programs but none of them worked for me the way they said they would.

The Virtual Vault was easy to set up and works like a charm. You have set new standards for software security, and any software developer (or ebook publisher) not using the Virtual Vault is losing money right now!

Gary Killops



Let’s assume 2 people get your product for free. No biggie, right? Maybe they had it sent to them from a friend. Or maybe they got it from a peer-to-peer file sharing network. Or from a newsgroup post. 2 people now have your product for free, so what. The problem is, it happens every day and these people share too…

The Virtual Vault

These 2046 people are potential customers and the better your product, the more it will be copied and shared…for free. It’s scary, really. And there are many ways they can do this.

Check out the results of an intensive survey of internet users done by the Business Software Alliance

These facts are based on the Global Piracy Studies conducted by IDC for the Business Software Alliance. Among other measures to determine these figures, IDC conducted more than 5600 interviews in 15 countries.

SHOCKING FACT #1: 4 out of 10 copies of software and ebooks are pirated/stolen.

SHOCKING FACT #2: Only 17% of internet users pay every time for the software they download.

SHOCKING FACT #3: 70% of internet users say they would not be likely to pay your full price for your software (when they can download them for free).

SHOCKING FACT #4: 85% of internet users feel the “tech. industry” is so prosperous it doesn’t really matter that they have unlicensed (stolen) software.

SHOCKING FACT #5: 36% of internet users don’t even know it’s illegal.

SHOCKING FACT #6: Over $2 billion was lost in 2002 for North America alone due to software piracy (over $13 billion worldwide).

If you aren’t using the Virtual VaultTM people ARE stealing your product right now (and some may even be selling it themselves). You are losing sales and money!The Virtual Vault

THE SOLUTION…THE VIRTUAL VAULT FORCES USERS OF YOUR PRODUCT TO PAY, OR THEY DON’T GET ACCESS. Your software or ebook simply will not open if they didn’t buy it from you. Even if they get a copy from a friend that bought from you. The Virtual Vault even revokes access from refunded customers!


“The security is superior than any other service out there!”

Thanks to the Virtual Vault, I am now in complete control of the distribution of my digital products. Their security is superior to any other service out there!

How do I know? I tried them all and was tired of confusing interfaces, sloppy tracking and nonexistent customer support. Don’t make the mistake I did and waste your time trying out the others. The Virtual Vault is exactly what you need! The interface is easy to use, the tracking is flawless, and the customer support is exceptional.

The Virtual Vault reliably locks each purchased eBook. I can conveniently send out new passwords when necessary and also disable passwords when necessary. Having the power to control distribution and disable access to users who request a refund is a benefit to anyone in business online. The Virtual Vault gives you that power!

Thanks Shawn!

Jeremy Sherk



“I can’t imagine selling an ebook without it!”

Hi Shawn,

I have had wannabes and outright crooks blatantly copy and steal my material… it has even ended up being sold by a ‘well known’ marketer with no resale rights and has been used for seminar material on three different continents! And those are just the pirates I know about.

As a result I then purchased an expensive so called security solution only to find it promised more than it could deliver. Until now… There’s no doubt Shawn has solved it! So don’t even think about hesitating to invest in the Virtual Vault… because if your product is any good at all it will be copied… and cost you many times the price of the Virtual Vault.

I can’t imagine selling an ebook without it!

Andy Frain


Before I go on, let me tell you my story … the real short version 😉 . My name is Shawn Pringle, and I used to own a site selling a downloadable grocery savings ebook. But I didn’t protect the ebook at all and assumed that since I changed the download location once a week no real damage could be done. Hah! … wrong. Click here to see the appalling Ebay screenshot of someone selling my ebook for $1! Sure, she bought one copy, but she didn’t have the right to re-sell it.

Before the Virtual Vault was developed, what could I really do? I could have used some third-party software to protect the download page but I knew that really didn’t solve the problem. People can do whatever they want with the file after they’ve downloaded it and I would have absolutely no control over that. I needed a better solution, a much better one.

Then the Virtual Vault came to light! When the Virtual Vault was originally conceived, my CB Extract software at was also at risk of being stolen and pirated. I immediately stopped promoting CB Extract and waited for the Virtual Vault to be completed. Why would I bother promoting it at all when people can get it for free? After over a year of developing, testing, tweaking, and optimizing this is what we’ve finally come up with:

The Virtual Vault


“The Virtual Vault … the only application I will use from here on in.”

As the Managing Director of an international software and outsourcing company it is important to us that our intellectual property is not infringed. Every time someone shares one of our applications it is a direct and immediate theft against us.

We have looked at all the protection systems out there that take an application and purport to protect it. So far there hasn’t been a single one that we couldn’t break in under 20 minutes… until now!

The Virtual Vault is the first and only software application I will use from here on in. I simply believe that by using the Virtual Vault our bottom line profitability will increase.

Jason Duke

Managing Director
Strange Logic, Inc.
“Outsourcing is Strangely Logical”



Your Protection Options

Aside from the products that protect only the download location, there are a few other services in place that protect your product effectively from piracy. These solutions charge you in one of two ways.

  1. They charge thousands of dollars per year to implement … OR
  2. They charge a percentage per license sold (roughly 18%) or a fixed amount per key generated (around $0.60 per key).

The problem is that these extremely high costs restrict their use to only the big players in the software game…until now!

With the Virtual Vault you are getting a fully automated product protection and licensing system. A system that gives you full control over your product that can be up and running in a matter of minutes. And what’s best is that it is affordable for even the small business owner while providing the same level of security the major software publishers use.


“Thank you Shawn for an excellent product!”

Shawn, you have provided a real solution to an extremely under-reported problem all marketers online experience all the time – theft. Virtual Vault is the software and service any serious minded marketer must have for increased profits with their online marketing efforts!

Following along with the user manual, step by step, Virtual Vault worked perfectly the first time I used the software. The links output by the software worked like a charm.

I was even able to deny access to the test product I made with ease! And upon checking the statistics, each illegal access attempt I made was recorded. Good-bye thieves! 

And the software is simple to understand, with your separate included User Manual even I mastered it’s use my first time.

Thank you Shawn for an excellent product!

Doug Philp



Installation of the Virtual Vault is a Breeze

Included is a comprehensive User Manual but basically here is the installation:

Step One: Run the Virtual Vault and specify your product details to lock your file.

Step Two: Upload your newly locked file to your site.

Step Three: Create a redirect URL and paste this in as your landing page for successful orders. This will simply redirect customers to your new “Thank-You” page containing a link to your locked product.

That’s it! The Virtual Vault does the rest. Don’t confuse it’s simplicity with a lack of complexity. The Virtual Vault is a complex, sophisticated piece of software written using Visual C++ and Perl scripts, taking over a year to develop. If you sell anything online you need the Virtual Vault to protect your hard work and your profits. Period.


Try it for 30 days for only $29.95!

Download the Virtual Vault today and put it to the test for 30 days for only $29.95. If, after 30 days you want to remain a member do nothing. You will be billed only $29.95 USD per month…that’s about 99cents a day! If you don’t want to use it after checking it out, that’s fine too. No worries at all. Simply send an email using the “contact” link above and you’ll never be billed again.

Lock as many files as you’d like, generate as many access codes as you’d like. You don’t pay a percentage of your purchase price, and you don’t pay a huge up front price. Just a very affordable monthly fee and your products are safe from thieves, once and for all. And it’s backed by the absolute best guarantee you’ll find anywhere (see below).




You won’t find a better guarantee than this! I am a real person backed by a team of dedicated professionals. My reputation is on the line…for you! My team and I have put in many many long hours over the past several years making the most user-friendly & secure product protection system available anywhere. We help you stop thieves from ripping you off, simple as that. And we have been doing this since early 2003.

So go ahead and get the Virtual Vault today and risk nothing. If you don’t like anything about it, anything at all, you may cancel at any time for a refund of your latest membership fee. I really mean this. If you don’t like anything about it I want you to cancel your membership and let us know what you didn’t like. Copies of your product that have already been distributed will remain protected and you’ll owe nothing further.


“Thanks for a great product along with your fantastic customer service.”


I know that by using Virtual Vault my intellectual property is safe from hackers and thieves. Other products I have used cannot say the same thing anymore. You have stayed on top of the changes that have taken place in the industry, and modified your product to keep everything protected. Anytime I have had a problem you have responded quickly to my emails.

Keep up the good work and thanks for providing a great service.

Mark Eastman
Powerful Guides



“I think the Virtual Vault is the best thing since sliced bread.”

G’day again from Australia, Shawn.

In response to your email dated 22 June, yes I would be happy to expand on my comments regarding the quality of your Virtual Vault product. I don’t mind helping – as my comments about how much I like your product are quite sincere.

As the manager of an online publishing site, I am particularly aware that illegal copying of our products could potentially destroy our business. At the very least, piracy and illegal sharing could cut our income by probably half. Therefore, it gives me enormous peace of mind to know that we have done the very best we can to prevent such piracy.

The Virtual Vault is easy to use, with a simple, intuitive interface. Best of all, I often want to give away free copies of novels for promotional purposes, and now I can simply send recipients their files, along with an access code to match. Incredibly useful!

This is a very cool product – you just couldn’t ask for a better, safer, simpler or more professional way to protect your work against piracy and illegal sharing. Nothing short of brilliant! (And no, I don’t have shares in the company…) Thanks guys, for making online publishing both simple and safe.


I.Q. Cameron
Founder and Manager



Finally…peace of mind! You are also getting top notch technical support, via email. There is a real person on the other end of your emails and is waiting to give you the support you need, within 24 hours (but usually within 2 hours). This is essential to giving you the peace of mind you deserve. The Virtual Vault will do its job and protect your product, but in the off chance that something comes up and you need help we are only an email away.

Sleep well, your product is safe in the Virtual Vault!


To Your Success,
The Virtual Vault